Our Favourite Boating Apps

We have assembled a collection of our favourite apps that will benefit you most when preparing and out on the water.



Windy is an app known for weather forecasts with high-technology visualisation. An app that allows you to feel prepared in any circumstance. It is best used for keeping up with weather warnings because of its fast, intuitive, and detailed structure. Move the pin to get your current and future wind forecast.


Safe Anchor

Safe Anchor gives you peace of mind once you’re anchored. If the boat’s anchor leaves the border, an alarm on your phone will go off, prompting you to check your anchorage. The best tip on anchoring: ” If in doubt, put more chain out.” 



When planning your perfect trip out on the water, BOM is a great app. Localised hourly and 7-day forecasts, radar and warnings wherever you are! It is more reliable than the weather app based on Australia’s official weather source, the Bureau Of Meteorology.

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TIDESAU+ is an excellent and comprehensive app that gathers everything you need to know onto one platform. Understanding the current tide conditions with the simple and easy-to-use format provided will allow you to cruise comfortably.

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Navionics is an essential app for everyday boating. From planning your route to tracking your journey, it’s an app you will always rely on. With constant updates and detailed information, this is the number one app we recommend every skipper should have.

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