Knots for fenders

Have you ever wondered what the quickest and easiest way to tie up a fender is? In this month’s e-magazine, we are going to share with you some simple tricks to make your experience quick and easy.

Organising the fenders:

  1. Begin by orienting your fenders either horizontally or vertically. If your boat will be stationed next to another boat, by a dock, or by a seawall, you’ll want to tie the fenders on going vertically. If your boat will be next to pilings or posts, tie them horizontally.
  2. Tie up your fenders in a low position. Tying them low will help keep them steady and prevent them from swinging around too much.
  3. Adjust the fenders according to what they’re lying against. When holding the fender over the boat, position it as a buffer between the boat and the dock or other structures. It would be best if you raised or lowered the fenders depending on the height of what you’re protecting your boat from
  4. Pull the running end through the loop you’ve created. You’ll have created a loop once the line is halfway around the rail. Pull the line’s working end underneath this loop, pulling the line tightly. The weight of the fender will pull down on the knot, keeping it tight and in place.
  5. Use a half-hitch knot as a simple alternative. To tie a half hitch knot, lay the line around the rail, bringing the end under the standing part of the line. Pull the end of the line up through the loop you just created. Pull it tightly to secure it.
    • You can repeat this process to create several half-hitches, making your line even more secure.
    • Use half hitches if you’re attaching the fenders to a lifeline.