Fort Denison im Hafen von Sydney mit dem Opernhaus und der City, Sydney, New South Wales, Australien

Fort Denison

When cruising through Sydney Harbour, you may notice a stone building located in the centre of the harbour. Port Dension is a heritage-listed site, formerly known as a military site, that was once under attack from a US-friendly fire in WW11. Denison has become the most complete Martello Tower in the world, and many people worldwide come to view this popular Sydney attraction.

Fort Denison’s Dark Past

Originally named Mat-te-wan-ye by the local indigenous population, the island became Rock Island by Governor Arthur Phillip when the British colonised it in 1788. The island then took on a more sinister name due to its cruel nature. Thomas Hill, a convict, was sentenced to a week in iron chains with nothing but bread and water. Due to his mal-nourishment, the name was then changed to Pinchgut Island.

Fort Denison provides guided tours through the museum and shares an impressive canon gunpowder store and the winding staircase in Australia’s only Martello Tower. When you are done exploring, the cafe is a great place for a quick snack or delicious lunch and is also available for private evening functions. Currently closed for construction; however, Fort Denison is the perfect place to see the impressive Sydney at a 360-degree view.