Australia's premium Syndicated yacht ownership program.

Tom designed the business structure to make syndicated ownership as relaxing and enjoyable as possible while ensuring the owners stay in control of their assets.

With the main focus on the owner experience, Boating Partnerships operates under a completely transparent running cost structure meaning what it costs to own the boat is what is charged to the owners, much like owning a boat by yourself. 

Boating Partnerships appeals to those who have limited time but have a genuine passion for luxury lifestyles and world-class motor yachts, and who wish to share the ultimate boating experience with families, friends or business colleagues.

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Tom Van Vliet

Managing Director

Lucy Macnaught

Executive Assistant

Lucas Simkin

Opperations Manger

Grant Sambell

Boat Care Profesional

Danielle Sherry

Interior & Concierge

Les Bliem

Trainer / Skipper

Tom van Vliet

Managing Director

My lifelong passion for boating has led me to where I am today. Through years of experience in the marine industry, I have developed a strong devotion to boat care and syndication. Boating Partnerships was born from this passion, and over the last 6 years, we have grown into a 5-star service provider. We have exciting new opportunities arising, and I look forward to continuing to build strong relationships with our clients and staff.

Lucas Simkin

Operations Manager at Boating Partnerships

Lucas Simkin's love for boating developed at a young age and he's now an integral part of the Boating Partnerships team, overseeing vessels and meeting client needs. He enjoys staying up-to-date with new boat models and working closely with owners to provide the perfect boating lifestyle. Boating Partnerships prioritizes their owners and provides an exceptional boating experience.

Danielle Sherry

Interior and Concierge Manager Detailer

I grew up near the Nepean River, and spent weekends wakeboarding and skiing. I have worked as a scuba diving instructor in the Cayman Islands and then as a stingray wrangler and whale shark photographer. I enjoy hiking and relaxing on the beach. Hoping to continue growing at Boating Partnerships and buying my own Riviera yacht.

Lucy Macnaught

Executive Assistant

My role is in administration for Boating Partnerships, chiefly looking after all the, administration and assisting our MD, Tom. Prior to working with Tom I had thirty years in a chiropractic clinical practice. I also spent four years helping my husband in the financial industry. The growth of the business has been extraordinary, and I love the air of excitement and adventure that you breathe when you work into the offices at Rushcutters Bay. Boating Partnerships offers fantastic lifestyle options on the water that so many people could not achieve on their own.

Grant Sambells

Boat Care Professional

I grew up near the ocean and work on state-of-the-art vessels, combining my passion for boats with my job. I've been with Boating Partnerships for 10 years and provide a five-star service for boat owners. I'm also a doctoral candidate, classical performance teacher, and lecturer at the Australian Institute of Music. Detailing boats is the perfect job for me, providing exercise before my university and teaching commitments.

Les Bliem

Trainer / Skipper

Les Bliem is an experienced and skilled member of Boating Partnerships, contributing greatly to our training services. His professionalism highlights our team's expertise. Thorough training is recommended for safe boating, as it involves various complexities. As a long-term boat owner, syndication is a preferred mode as it offers hassle-free boating and fair sharing of usage.

Why choose Boating Partnerships?

Boating Partnerships is a walk-on, walk-off experience that allows you to sit back and relax on your Riviera motor yacht. We have a maximum of 6 owners per boat, allowing for greater flexibility in boat usage. Our clients typically do not use their entire allocation, resulting in greater flexibility for last-minute bookings. Reduced vessel usage leads to a greater resale value at the end of the term.

By choosing us, you can expect VIP-level service, including our "boat show" cleaning standards with no fingerprints, immaculate laundry services, comprehensive training programs, and 24/7 phone assistance. Forget about the hassle of organizing trades, refueling, or cleaning up at the end of the day! Our dedicated staff and contractors will ensure that your boat is always ready for you to enjoy the ultimate boating experience.

Our Partnership Platform, created by the owner of Boating Partnerships, Tom, provides a fair usage program, enabling owners to log their usage and any issues online, which are immediately sent to the vessel manager to rectify. Every 3 months, our concierge manager discusses preferred bookings prior to the term opening with the owners to ensure everyone can pre-book desired dates. By doing this timely exercise, we remove the panic of owners logging on when a term opens. No point system or frantic midnight bookings, just an open calendar that usually yields desired results. All owners receive each other's information so they can make direct contact for swapping days.

Our commitment and passion for the boating lifestyle is why our clients return. Our goal is to retain clients and upgrade their boats, not to retain boats and turn over clients!

The Build Process

Buying into a boat that has not yet been built, or is currently in the building process, enables owners to experience the entire production journey from start to finish. This provides them with the opportunity to observe and have input in customising specific aspects of their Riviera. Access to the Riviera factory experience gives our owners a real sense of ownership and pride as they watch their dream motor yacht transform from an empty hull into reality.